The final announcement of the Mountain View company pushes the boundaries of interoperability and mobility, as it aims to help you print regardless of where one is, one where the printer and the terminal is used.
This service, still under development, aims to allow each user to run a remote printing not only irrespective of his terminal (computer, mobile phone, tablet multimedia netbook …), but also and above all, to any destination printer, by removing all matter related to printer drivers.
This will be done via the use of a proxy, which will be gradually integrated into the browser chrome.
Of course, the service is expected to be as compatible with the next operating system OS Google Chrome, which surfs up with the possibilities of cloud computing. But the benefits for users, in terms of work and remote collaboration, are potentially enormous.
Google claims to have published the information and documentation relating to the proposed voluntary early, so that the printer manufacturers can make their products compatible with the system.