New York/London, June 18th, 2008. – Fotolia, the largest online marketplace for micro-priced digital stock images, is offering a new Application Programming Interface (API), allowing a closer integration of its affiliates. Using the new Reseller API everyone can operate their own microstock agency in the country and language of their choice, selling Fotolia images under their own name.

No extensive technical capacities are necessary, as Fotolia provides the technology and the images; the resellers just sell the photographs and illustrations under their own brand name and even have the ability to determine the prices, within a certain range.
For example: A reseller decides to sell the images for a higher price (‘midstock’) and they keep 40% of the turnover (Contributor: 50%). Or the reseller sells for the same price as Fotolia, thereby getting a quarter of the turnover (Contributor: 50%).
„With the new API, resellers can launch their own Fotolia, so to speak. This way we can reach countries where there is still no Fotolia site“, says Oleg Tscheltzoff, President of Fotolia. Furthermore, for customers who already have a client base of their own, such as premium image agencies who may want to get into the microstock business, the Fotolia Reseller API might offer new ideas for business models.
Via an Application Programming Interface third parties can connect to the Fotolia database: Fotolia has already made Partner, Business and Developer API options available.
image: Fotor