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Month March, 2008

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Fotolia and Quark: Free XTensions Software for QuarkXPress 7

Berlin, 18th March 2008 — Quark Inc., manufacturer of prize-winning layout and design software QuarkXPress®, and Fotolia, operator of the international stock photography agency of the same name, are making – within the framework of the QuarkAlliance™ Technology Providers Program – the FotoliaXT QuarkXPress 7 XTensions® available free of charge.
With the aid of the Fotolia XTensions software, QuarkXPress 7 users will now be able to access the Fotolia community’s royalty-free images and illustrations — currently more than three million of them — straight from QuarkXPress 7, pull selected images using simple Drag&Drop, and position them into their print, Web, or interactive layouts.

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