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Month December, 2007

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MyFotolia – Your Customized Fotolia Space

We just launched a new service for our contributors based on the new Fotolia API. MyFotolia allows you to create and display your own private gallery in your own unique way. You decide which images and galleries will be on your MyFotolia homepage. Say you have a lot of great images of automobiles, make sure the buyer sees not just a few but all of your cool shots by putting your “Cars” gallery on your new MyFotolia and simply send the client your MyFotolia URL address. To give it that personal touch, you control all aspects of how your site will look you can, for example, upload your best image and use it as your banner so the buyer can see the quality of your work right away. You are also free to choose and change your favourite colours to suit your personality or mood. Maybe best of all a new and exciting function of MyFotolia will give you the power to arrange and rearrange the order of the images in your gallery to better catch the buyers’ eye. If you know your automobile client is looking for “Hot Rods” make sure they are the first images he sees when he opens your “Cars” gallery. Remember your client will be happy to purchase your image when he can quickly and easily find it. Your MyFotolia account is your own private collection, so you eliminate any competition, as the buyer will not be distracted by other artists content and may even choose to use a whole series of your images in one project. No need to feel bad about leaving one of your friends out in the cold though, simply create a link in your MyFotolia account so your clients and any one else can visit your friends private galleries too. Now with the obvious greater exposure you will experience you may want to keep track of exactly who has visited your site what they viewed there how many visits they have made and of course your sales! Well with MyFotolia you can do it like the professionals do by creating an account on the Google Analytics Website just click on “My Settings” in your MyFotolia home page for more details. Your MyFotolia site is a direct link between you and the buyers so make them feel welcome while you optimise your visibility. You can look at the following example.

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Fotolia launches Infinite Collection

New York/London, December 2007. – Fotolia, the world’s leading source for legal, low-cost imagery, launches it’s ‘Infinite Collection’, which consists of over 15,000 pictures provided by premium international image agencies. It is now possible, with immediate effect, for other agencies to offer their images via the Fotolia website.

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Porsche Inter Auto signs on as Fotolia´s 500,000th member

New York, NY/Berlin – December 4, 2007 – Today, Fotolia (http://www.fotolia.com) the world’s leading source for legal, low-cost imagery welcomes its 500,000th member: Nicole Schlotterer, Head of New Media, for Porsche Inter Auto GmbH & Co KG in Salzburg, Austria.
“Porsche Inter Auto GmbH is responsible for 122 car dealerships throughout Europe representing Porsche, Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Bentley, Lamborghini and Bugatti,” explains Sclotterer. “The key to our success are strong partnerships. In Fotolia we have found the perfect partner in the image sector. Fotolia gives us access 24 hours a day, 365 days per year to a broad selection of professional high quality material and this is what is important to us. We are looking forward to this partnership!”

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