After uploading an image you need to describe it using a set of at least seven suitable KEYWORDS. The keywording process is at least as important as the actual creation of the image because only those pictures with sufficient and exact keywords will be found and eventually bought by a potential buyer. We can’t mention often enough the importance of well selected keywords. Even the best image won’t sell if nobody can find it. By using effective keywords you can even add a conceptual dimension to your images. So all we are saying is that it really pays to take a bit of time and concentration for this procedure.

Keyword Order
Our search engine takes the keyword order into account. So the first keyword should describe the most important element of the image. The second keyword should embody the next important element and so on. You can type your keywords either one at a time or separated by <> or <> into the left window and press the <<add>> button to move them to the right window. To change the order of keywords simply click on the relevant word and shift it with the buttons <<up>> and <<down>> or <<move to top>> to the desired position.
Finding the „Right“ Words
As a photographer or illustrator you should try to think like a buyer. What words would he or she use when searching an image of a light bulb? Imagine this scenario: Sunday morning 2 pm. A tired graphic designer searches a photo for the design of a brochure for a nervous customer. In which way and for what reason would he/she look for an image of a light bulb?
• Plain. An image of a light bulb is required. The customer will search using words such as light bulb; light; spot
• Context. An image showing light or brightness is required. The customer would search for light; illumination; bright
• Concept. A light bulb also might be used to illustrate more abstract concepts such as creativity or ingenuity. The designer would use the keywords idea; imagination; invention
Another strategy is the description from the inside to the outside. You first describe the “most” important element of the image with several synonyms. Then you move to the “less” important details, i.e.: light bulb; light, lighting, bright; glare; shine; ceiling; shadow, ambience.
Please bear in mind that the keywords can not be changed once they are submitted.
Keyword Format
Most customers are using search terms in specific formats. It is advisable to stick to certain formats.
• Use nouns, verbs and adjectives: light bulb, shine, bright
• Use singular not plural: light bulb, not light bulbs
• Use verbs in infinitive form: shine, not shining
• Watch out for misspellings
• Avoid abbreviations and slang
Finally we must stress it one more time: Keywording might not be everybody’s favourite activity and most photographers prefer a good shooting session. But spending sufficient time and thought on the right choice of keywords will raise the commercial success and value of an artist’s portfolio. Or did we already mention that?