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Month April, 2007

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The Relationship Between Fotolia The Agency And The Client

We receive calls from graphic designers, webdesigners, advertising and communication agencies daily inquiring as to whether a Fotolia picture may be “sold on” to their clients. The re-selling of Fotolia images is in fact contractually forbidden, however most callers actually mean something quite different. Agencies are namely our main clients and can very well use the images for their clients.

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After uploading an image you need to describe it using a set of at least seven suitable KEYWORDS. The keywording process is at least as important as the actual creation of the image because only those pictures with sufficient and exact keywords will be found and eventually bought by a potential buyer. We can’t mention often enough the importance of well selected keywords. Even the best image won’t sell if nobody can find it. By using effective keywords you can even add a conceptual dimension to your images. So all we are saying is that it really pays to take a bit of time and concentration for this procedure.

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