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Month January, 2007

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Fotolia introduces Gems to thank its photographers

When we thought about Fotolia one year ago. We didn’t imagine that some users would be selling such a lot of images so quickly. Now, a few photographers have already reached the best Fotolia ranking and we have had to define new ranks.

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Contest : Name these images !

Thousands of you have dived into the Fotolia image pool for your seasonal dip – and more than 600 sent us good answers !

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New Year 2007 Logo Contest

We are very happy to announce the results of the Fotolia New Year logo design competition. We received more than 100 logos from over 70 members. Contributions were of a very high standard and it has not been easy to find a winner. In deciding, we have taken into consideration many aspects: respect of technical requirements (size, format, color); aesthetical (beauty, finesse); any supporting correspondance sent with it explaining the thinking behind the design and how it will integrate with the Fotolia website design.

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