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Month December, 2006

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Nikon DSLR Update Seminar – Free

Edinburgh & Glasgow – Interactive seminars for the benefit of all Nikon DSLR users. 24 January and 25 January 2007

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Web Designers are Causing Mouse Rage

A new study has revealed that badly designed Web sites might be having a negative effect on a user’s immune system, cardiovascular system and nervous system!

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Fotolia Contest : A logo for new year !

As you can see on the website, we customized the logo for Christmas. We would like to do the same for new year and we would like to use your creativity.

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Temporary Server Problem *NOW FIXED*

Temporary problem with upload and downloads

Due to server issues, you can have trouble downloading some images this afternoon. Only few images are concerned. Upload of images has also been stopped. Everything will be back to normal at 20.00. We are really sorry for the inconvenience.
*14/12/06 20:13 – THIS PROBLEM NOW FIXED*

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Win a Copy of Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo XI

There are 2 chances to win the recently-launched, award-winning Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo XI, worth over £90 each.

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UK IP Rights – The Gower Review

Every photographer should know about this: the most wide ranging review into UK intellectual property for nearly 20 years has failed to recommend key changes proposed by photographer groups, while it advocates a UK equivalent to the controversial US “orphan works” bill.

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December Photography Competition

A great photography competition for you to enter. Win prizes of cameras, phtoobox vouchers and books monthly – with an annual £800 Olympus camera prize for Photo of the Year.

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200,000 Stock Photography Members!

Fotolia welcomes our 200,000th member.
Fotolia would like to welcome our 200,00th member – Lorraine from South Jordon, Utah, USA.

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