Our Photographer of the Week this week is Chris Harvey. Having been a photographer for 15 years. With over 5000 royalty free stock images in his portfolio, Fotolia are proud to have such a dedicated professional on our team.

My Name Is Chris Harvey and I have lived in Britain all my life, currently I am living in Essex.
My medium for over 15 years has been photography, however after getting a computer a few years ago I dispensed with using film SLR cameras, and now I mainly use a digital camera. I believe they give not only greater freedom in image creation, but are a lot faster in getting an image from the camera to getting the image printed out.
In addition to my digital camera I use Adobe Photoshop to digitally manipulate my images, allowing me to create a wide variety of interesting images. I have no particular type of style, although I do tend to lean towards surrealism.
I also create purely computer created work using such varied software such as Adobe Illustrator, Vue 5 Infinite and Poser 6 – all of these bits of software are a great aid to me and they allow me to create some amazing images which I could not get using a camera.
I have found Fotolia to be a great website to be associated with. Its easy to use upload system, as well as its great easy-to-use layout for photo buyers, means it is the best of both worlds.
My favourite image out of the 5000+ images I have on the Fotolia site is an image I quite recently created Called Man Bone 25 I like the image as I love the x-ray type effect that I have created it is both a bit spooky but at the same time quite hauntingly beautiful.
We at Fotolia would like to thank Chris for his super contribution to our royalty free picture library and wish for his continued success in the future.
You can see Chris’ entire portfolio at: Chris Harvey Portfolio