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Month September, 2006

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Photography Exhibition, London, V&A

Twilight: Photography in the Magic Hour.
10 October 2006 – 17 December 2006.

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What File Size Do You Need?

How to buy the right sized file for your needs often throws people. This article helps you understand what it all means and shows you how to calculate the megapixels you need for any of your projects.

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Adobe Lightroom – a free tool for professional photographers

Adobe Lightroom is a free beta and this week Apple announced a free update to their Aperture software. Will Adobe’s free offering affect Aperture sales?

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Overview of Paper and Photo Sizes

Here is a handy list of common paper sizes and Fotolia image sizes to help you quickly check you are buying the right royalty free photos for your needs.

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Fujifilm Release Face Detection Technology

New Fuji F31FD Camera Launched with Face Detection Software

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The new Nikon D80 really CAN change your life!

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How Do I Make Money Selling My Photos?

You can work from home selling your photos. Fotolia provides a free website where you can upload your photos and sell them online 24/7 around the world easily. Join the other photographers now ….

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