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Month July, 2005

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Mavericks of Color Photography Opens in Philadelphia

Works of early color photography artists on display at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

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Starting a Business in Nude Photography

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Considering starting a business in Nude photography? Read this first.

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Winners of Adobe Achievement Awards

Adobe Announces Winners of 2005 Adobe Design Achievement Awards
Photo by Micah Ganske.

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Space Shuttle Images

The Space Shuttle mission, images, and photography tips.

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Pentax DSLR website

New Pentax DSLR website.

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Nikon SB800 Flash Question

White balance problem with Nikon SB800.

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Digital Infrared Photography: Make Stunning Photos with Invisible Light

Alexandra Morrison shares her tips on digital infrared photography. Check it out below!

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Bad quarter for Kodak

No profit for Kodak this quarter. 10,000 jobs will be lost unless they turn it around.

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New digital cameras from Panasonic

Three new digital cameras from Panasonic. (DMC-FZ30 shown here)

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Google Maps the Moon

Google maps the lunar surface of the moon.

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