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Month May, 2005

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The Snapfish Print War begins

10 cent prints from Snapfish.

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New Kodak Picture Viewer

Easily carry over 150 photos in your shirt pocket with the Kodak Picture Viewer.

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Microsoft Search Tool

Disappointing Desktop Search tool from Microsoft.

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Has digital changed our society?

As digital cameras increase do we value the images less and less each year.

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Faster Eye-One Pro from GretagMacbeth

GretagMacbeth is shipping accelerated version of its Eye-One color management system

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Kodak WiFi Digitial Camera Delayed

Kodak pushes back WiFi Digital camera until October.

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At what price will my photographs be sold?

Fotolia provides photographers with the ability to choose the price for each image sold.

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PMA Camera Phone Report

PMA camera phone printing report shows low activity.

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Living the Digital Life

Are you confused how new technology would apply to your home? Check out the Digital Life website from MSNBC and BEST BUY.

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May I display an alternative indentity?

Fotolia provides photographers the option to sell their photographs under a pseudonym or an agency name (representing several photographers). If you are a photographer with at least one photograph confirmed on Fotolia, you have the option to select either your First Name or Login information to be displayed with your photos. If you are an […]

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