The Paypal solution of payment is used on the Fotolia web site for three reasons:

  • To allow users to purchase credits by using their Paypal account [Learn more]
  • To pay commissions to photographers [Learn more]
  • To allow users to convert credits into cash from affiliation revenue.

In these three cases, customers and photographers must have a Paypal account. We will outline how to open a Paypal account.
Paypal is a free solution which allows users to transfer money to anyone with an email address or securely purchase items from internet sites (purchase photographs from Fotolia for example) In addition Paypal customers may receive payments to their Paypal account (Commission payments to photographers or ebay sales for example). At anytime Paypal customers may transfer money to their regular bank account without any Paypal fees (for sums of more than $100, $1 of expenses if less).
Paypal is a subsidiary of e-bay, one of largest companies on the Internet.
To create a Paypal account, click on your country below to get started: