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Month April, 2005

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New Nokia N90

Another new be everything cell phone device.

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Frustrated photographers create new RAW discussion website.

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Canon announces the Powershot S2 – IS

Canon has announced an update to the popular Powershot S1.

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I Miss Bronica

Photographer, writer, and marketing guru Lincoln Newey shares his insight, love, and frustration with the end of a camera era.

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Kodak Woos Women

Kodak tops the charts with Women. The recent Lyra market study shows Kodak as the preffered digital camera provider for women.

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War Photography

Reflecting on 40 years of War Photography.

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Nikon D50 and D70s

Nikon introduces two new digital cameras the D50 and the D70s.

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New software from nik multimedia

nik multimedia has just announced a new upgrade to the popular nik Sharpener.

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Zoom vs Prime

Are prime lenses really that much better than the popular zoom lenses? You just might be surprised.

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New Wacom Wireless Tablet and Pen

Wacom goes wireless.

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