Add more to your internet experience with the Alexa toolbar.

Many who have Alexa hardly know it is there. It is a small tool bar that sits in your browser and allows you to obtain additional information on the sites that you already visit. Information such as popularity, contact information, and suggestions to sites that are similar in nature. Alexa is owned and operated by and was first developed over ten years ago but has really taken off in the last few years.
Many tool bars have been created to help aid the internet surfer and improve the overall experience. The tool bar is usually placed just below the section where you enter the URL. Alexa offers many popular functions including:

  • Search : allows you to search for websites and other information via Googles powerful search engine.
  • Site Information : provides very precise traffic statistics, contact information for the website as well as the opinion of many users.
  • Traffic Rank : gives the classification of the site by report/ratio with the number of visits and taking into account the visitors as a whole on the internet
  • Related link : allows you to know the sites linked with the site in question

The data provided by Alexa can be some what skewed however since the data presented is gathered by Alexa tool bar users only. With this in mind we at fotolia find the tool bar very helpful with our internet experience. We recommend that you download a free copy of the Alexa tool bar today.
The installation is simple and takes only a few seconds: click here