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Month March, 2005

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Rumors of the Nikon D50 specs are just that, unofficial rumors.

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Things I Wish Somebody Told Me…

Things I Wish Somebody Told Me When I Got My First Digital Camera by Jerry Whiting.
Jerry is a Seattle Washington artist and friend who has more engery and passion for photography than most people I know. Most of Jerry’s work is found street photography and flowers. This is the first of many articles written by Jerry about digital photography. Enjoy.

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Fotolog recieves 2.4 million

fotolog.JPGPopular Fotolog recieves 2.4 million in venture captital. What does this say about the blogging industry?

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Leica 75mm lens

New Leica lens creates beautiful real life portraits and features a new floating element.

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Men of Mark

Men of Mark created by Alvin Langdon Coburn is a very rare book of famous portraits.

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Are you a Lazy Digital Photographer?

Digtal Photography has made photographers lazy. Photographers need to remember how to work for great images. This article has a few simple tips.

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Featured New York Photo Shows

The New York Times highlights three photography shows to check out this weekend. Imre Kinszki, Mark Cohen, and Diane Arbus.
(Photograph by Imre Kinszki)

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Lexar wins $380 Million against Toshiba

Lexar wins big money ($380 Million) from a california jury on a case against Toshiba violating trade secrets.

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Do you know about the Alexa bar?

Add more to your internet experience with the Alexa toolbar.

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PhotoFlex sheds “New Light” on Photographers Problem

How do you photograph a mirror and other shinny objects? Well Photoflex a top lighting manufacture has the answer.

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