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Month February, 2005

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New Printers from Epson and HP

With the recent end of PMA 2005, 3 new digital printers were announced aimed at photo enthusiasts and professionals. Epson continues it hold on to the professional and photo enthusiast market but HP has developed two new eye catching photo printers for the serious amateur and pro market. Epson The long awaited successor to the […]

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Kodak is Number One!

Kodak is number one in digital camera sales according to a report issued by the IDC, a research firm located in Framingham, MA. According to the same report Kodak shipped 4.88 million “point and shoot” digital cameras to US retailers in 2004 beating long standing leader Sony. Sony shipped 4.33 million cameras in 2004. As […]

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Photography Tips (Part 2)

In part 2 of the photography tips article we will address color and exposure. Digital cameras and even your basic film cameras have traditionally controlled both of these functions. By learning how to control these functions and the impact they can have on your images will help you improve the final photograph. The better your […]

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Photography Tips (Part 1)

With digital photography on the rise more and more pictures are being taken each year. Did you know that the average digital camera snap shots can become works of art? Some think you have to spend thousands of dollars to create great pictures. Regardless of the camera you buy the rules for good photography still […]

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