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Opening the Can of 3D

In this tutorial we’re going to take some tentative steps into the world of 3D. Photoshop has an amazing 3D section and it can be quite daunting, don’t worry though, in this tutorial we won’t be getting in too deep.

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Paradise in the Future: TEN Contest

Win fantastic prizes by challenging the fifth and final month’s collaborative design duo!

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Creating Concepts in Stock Photography

Jacob Ammentorp’s magnificent photography struck us because of it’s sheer elegance and strength with its ability to retain a sense of simplicity. His images depict immense detail and as a result the small beautiful details you’d otherwise miss in daily situations.

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Future Shangri-La: TEN Duet #5

Discover today’s free PSD to download from the fifth talented duo from Season 3 of the TEN Collection

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Logo Idol

Eric Renno, aka TipSquirrel, our fab guest Photoshop Guru is on hand again, this time to give us a detailed, step-by-step tutorial. Over to you Eric…..

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Individuality in the Future: The Winning Design

Victor Murillo, an illustrator based in CastellÛn, Spain won the fourth Design Contest of Season 3 of the TEN Collection with his stunning entry.

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Individuality in the Future: The Winning Photo

We absolutely loved Henrique Rozada’s winning photography entry to the fourth TEN Collection Contest. The theme was ‘Individuality in the Future’ and we had some amazing entries but the jury decided Henrique’s entry really encapsulated a unique and beautiful vision.

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You Are Here

Well-known by internet users and by all those who have their head in the stars, the Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield captivated us in 2013, sharing on Twitter his everyday life, and a lot of pictures and videos, taken from the International Space Station.

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Acting Photographer

We got a chance to speak with Fotolia Contributor Logan Bannatyne. His story of how he became to work in the stock photography industry is extremely unique, his background still playing however a huge part in his thematic style and aesthetic.

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Best of October

Anyone else unable to believe how quickly October has gone? One of our favourite jobs comes the end of the month is putting together the ‘Best of’ galleries but it s by no means not an easy one, there being so many fantastic images to choose from!

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